V3 pupils examination

Can anybody advise on this the helpdesk says this was a design decision and is not an error but I am not so sure.

There is an option to select pupils have not been checked, if you select this you cannot save the examination . It asks you to say if the pupils are normal or abnormal which you cannot as you haven’t checked them.

Helpdesk says that if you have not checked them you should remove the pupils box from the exam.

So why have the option to select not checked if it doesen’t have a function?

Any thoughts?

Ignore my question, i have had an answer that my little brain can understand!!!

No worries. For others reading this:
The reason is that the “Not Checked” option is specifically for RAPD - it is a result of moving that question from the old Visual Function element to the pupils element.

There is already a ticket in place to re-do the pupils element to behave in a similar manner to the risks, allergies, etc elements - where you can add > 1 item and also specify mandatory checks by workflow.