Review of doodles for Stabismus

Dear all,

I have had a look at version 3.0 and here are a list of doodles that are already there that paeds would/could use:

Anterior segment

SPEE, corneal epithelial defect, corneal scar, subtarsal FB, dendritic ulcer, adenoviral keratitis, corneal laceration, corneal oedema, corneal suture, conjunctival suture, bulbar conjunctivitis papillary/follicular, subtarsal papillae/follicles, posterior synaechiae, KPs, metallic foreign body, transillumination defect, hypopyon, hyphaema, PCIOL, posterior capsule, corneal pigmentation, rubeosis, sector iridectomy, trab bleb, trab suture, trab tube, PI.

Posterior segment

RPE atrophy, chorioretinal atrophy, choroidal new vessels, macular hole, cystoid macular oedema, microaneurysm, blot haemorrhage, exudates, circinate, macular thickening, swollen disc, parafoveal telanchiectasia, choroidal haemorrhage, choroidal naevus, macular dystrophy, retinal laser options, fibrous proliferation, tractional RD (can use for retinal dragging in ROP), epiretinal membrane, pre retinal haemorrhage, cotton wool spots, vitreous opacity, everything in the optic disc module.

Doodles that need to be created (or perhaps I just can’t find them but I have looked for them in the clinical concepts search box and can’t find them):

Anterior segment

Subtarsal giant papillae, trantas dots, corneal vascularisation that can extend into the centre of the cornea, on iris tab lisch nodules (can remove pseudoexfoliation), can we change the size of the eye, not just the iris, and include a horizontal corneal diameter, aniridia, conjunctival naevus, subconjunctival haemorrhage, slate-gray scleral pigmentation, corneal crystals.

Posterior segment

Retinoblastoma, can we change the outer disc diameter in the optic disc module for optic disc hypoplasia? and add optic disc coloboma, chorioretinal coloboma, foveal hypoplasia, the list for inherited retinal/macular dystrophies is rather long… Did someone say there is a way to import retinal photos?

We will also need adnexal doodles, I can only find ptosis. Are proptosis, levator function, lagophthalmos, orbital masses etc in development? Would add chalazia, capillary haemangioma, molluscum, marcus gunn phenomenon (present/absent), mucocoele, fistula, brow suspension, periorbital erythema, sturge weber, lid coloboma, epiblepharon, distichiasis, epicanthic folds, Inter pupillary distance, intercanthal disease, horizontal palpebral aperture distance.

We already discussed adding to the pupil section pupil size (1-10mm in 0.5mm increments) in light, dark and on accommodation for each eye to document anisocoria.

Liz and Kath, please add to this. Just a starting point.