Printed drop sheet

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Tasneem (cc’d here) is one of our staff nurses (at Bolton). A while back she proposed a new feature, that has similarity to something @ianrodrigues requested in another thread.

At discharge out nurses complete a hand written card with the post-op drops on. It also includes some diagrams for how to correctly instill drops.
Tas was suggesting a feature that allowed a digital equivalent of this to be printed from OpenEyes.

A printed A4 sheet that did a similar job would seem a very good idea. We’d need to decided how to decide what medications to include, as it would have uses outside of cataract surgery. For instance in glaucoma. In that case, it should also include salient oral meds (like diamox).
So there may have to be some way of confirming manually which medications to include.

Anyway, I thing the idea is great. @ianrodrigues, I think you are keen on something similar?
Maybe we could flesh out some ideas here? @tasneem_94, please contribute!
Depending on the price, Bolton would be willing to pay for some or all of the dev costs.

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This is a great idea- in reality our current patient cohort will prefer paper to electronic. Use is predicated on printer availability and the trend (in England at least) to centralise printers will be an issue. I suggest that we also consider emailing the PDF (governance issues here for CCIOs to solve). A paper approach at this stage is robust and can be deployed at speed. I am a fan (we can also inc the IGA links and links to urls? that we develop) showing how drops can be instilled). We could provide instructional material under the OE banner?

Fantastic! Glad there is some interest in developing this. I think it could have widespread use across an eye department, would save a lot of time manually writing out drops and would definitely be useful for patients.

Agree a printed sheet would be most sensible at this stage. I’ve attached a copy of the template we use at St Thomas’ (where we currently fill in the drop details by hand).
Glaucoma Rx Sheet St Thomas.doc (37.5 KB)

It 's worth considering (and probably getting some real patient input) if an alternate way of formatting would be better. You could have the various time points down the the first column (morning / afternoon / nighttime) and at each time point the drugs which need to be instilled are listed.

Good idea to have some generic drop advice and links to websites like the IGA for further info on the back. Could even consider asking an organisation like the IGA, if they would be interested in funding this (if appropriate).