'Pre-assessment required' question - Operation Booking

We are currently experiencing a few problems operation booking/ theatre diary function in regards to the ‘pre-assessment required’ element. As this question is pre-populated to state ‘no’ many clinicans are missing this q and patient are often not being flagged as needing pre-assessment until very last minute.
@tbisco Is there any possibilty of changing this to not being pre-populated with an answer so it can be flagged as a mandatory question when saving?

Hi @leila.hosseini,

It is currently only possible to set the default to either yes or no (there is a system setting for this in the admin console).

It would certainly be possible to enhance this to default to null, so you must make a choice on every booking. That would be a change request though. Assuming you want ABEHR to do this, then it will need to go through the standard change request process. I doub’t it would be very difficult / expensive to achieve