Pharmacy / Prescription Issues

This week I showed the new V2.2 prescription printout to our pharmacists. They are happy with the modifications, but have a further questions and requests. What are your thoughts on all of them?

  1. They are requesting that the allergies be on the top of the prescription, as that apparently is a standard. Sigh. Shame they didn’t identify this last time. They won’t vito accepting u using the prescription if it’s not changed, but it sounds like a sensible change to make anyway.

  2. If we send a patient to pharmacy, when a prescription has been made in openeyes, what is the expected method for the pharmacists to alter the OE record, to say the medications have been issued?

Until the Allscripts integration is complete, pharmacy are willing for us to use OpenEyes directly. Is the system sufficiently mature that I can give them login access in pharmacy? They would then find the prescription in OE and issue it. How would they record that issuing?

  1. They say that the contact details of the prescription should be on the prescription (whether electronic or printed). In the paper world, the doctors put their bleep number or an extension number.

Again, I dont think they will vito use if it’s not done, but it does sound like a good improvement. We would presumably be best adding a contact number by default from the user account that could be overwritten when a prescription is written if needed.

  1. If I’m giving pharmacy back end access to keep the formulary up to date (they are willing to take on this role), which ‘formulary’ would they manage? At present there are two separate and different and non-connected versions, right?

Hi @dhaider

It sounds like your pharmacy has similar requirements to GSTT. It may be worth talking to @leila.hosseini to get a unified approach.

With regards to specific questions:

  1. Moving allergies to the top is a request from GSTT. We have given an estimated cost and are awaiting a reply. It was anticipated to go into v3.0, but as a response has not been received yet it has missed the cutoff date. There are no problems with making this change though, especially now > 1 customer has requested it.

  2. There is currently nothing n OE to mark a medicine as dispensed. There has been talk in the past of adding some pharmacy screens. These would give a wall board view of new prescriptions awaiting dispense, as well as screens for pharmacy to pick up a prescription, prepare it, make tracked changes if necessary and mark as dispensed. These are only drawing-board stage though and would require somebody to come forward with funding.

Therefore, there may not be much use in giving the pharmacists logins for this purpose at this time.

  1. This is also a request from GSTT I believe. It would require us to add a contact phone number to the user profile first, but is simple to do. In the meantime, there should be a central contact directory for the hospital that they can lookup the doctor in if they need to make contact.

  2. It will be the ‘Formulary drugs’ section that you want. The ‘Medications’ section is the imported full list from DM+D. Note though that these will be changing when Meds management is released, as that includes the new DM+D backend. At that point, there will only be a single list of medications, but your pharmacy can mark them as ‘locally prescribable’.

To ensure that no work gets lost in the migration from v2.2 -> v2.3 (or 3.0 -> 3.1) for meds management, if your pharmacy ensure that the ‘National code’ box for each drug in the ‘Formulary Drugs’ section contains the relevant DM+D code. Then we’ll be able to migrate them into a ‘locally prescribable’ reference set once DM+D / Meds management goes live.

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Where do we stand with FP10 output options- this is what we use and issue to patients in clinic (I have a printer in my clinic room!)

@morganje3 - this shouldn’t directly effect the FP10 outputs, as that would be a separate print template. I expect that some Trust pharmacies are going to want the option to disable the FP10 feature though.

I see the FP10 as a toggle item- definitely Marmite