Optometry OE version

Hi guys, I am a community IP optom, I have worked closely with Prof Morgan in the past and have used OE clinically a few times. Most Optom PMS software is great at the business side of things but woefully bad at the EPR stuff. I was wondering if there might be a fork to the project aimed at optometric practices?


Hi Adrian

We’ve been using OpenEyes in our Eye Casualty work with community optometrists. And our plan is to have a single EPR support both (primary care) optometrists and (secondary care) ophthalmologists. The optomotrists seemed pretty happy with OpenEyes as it is.

What would you fork for optometric practises?

Best wishes

Hi Alistair,
Thanks for your reply. Basically, you would need to write modules for dispensing, till transactions and a diary.


Hello Adrian,

We are just in the process of gathering requirements for this very purpose. We hope to have an OE SaaS for practices very soon.

Are you interested in helping shaping these requirements maybe being an early adopter?

Hi Peter,

I thought that might be the case, I had a phone conversation with James about it a few weeks ago. I would be keen to get involved. What is the time scale on this?


Hello All
I work in community and the HES and use OE at Moorfields (albeit a different version), like Adrian says I find PMS not fit for more specialised consultations. They are based around a simple refractive sight test.

I am hoping OE can fill in the gaps and be decent enough to us as a sole PMS with all the expected functionality.