OpenEyes is still active?

Goodmorning everyone. I joined this group today. I am an Italian ophthalmologist passionate about open source EMR I knew the Openeyes project from 2017 and I followed it on Is the project still active? I see that the latest posts date back to 2019

Yes, the project is very much active and the EPR is being increasingly widely adopted. New components and versions are constantly being created and released.
This forum however has not had much activity of late. The clinical groups are tending to meeting outside of this forum.
Also the steering group (including myself) also use other channels. This forum tends to need active work to keep it thriving. Of late we have been so busy with building OE that the forum has not received much love.
Would you like any further information or involvement?

David Haider
Member of OE Design Authority and OE Executive Committee

Hi David

We’re new to Apperta forums and OpenEyes.

We’ve just gone live with OpenEyes in NHS Scotland.

Which forums do you suggest we use?

thanks in advance

Hi Alistair,
Apologies for the delay in replying. Welcome to the Forum. It’s great to see the Scotland on-board.
This is definitely the best forum to use for discussion. If the discussions here become very technical, and involve developers, we tend to move them to the other platforms we use (Jira and Slack).
For general conversations about OpenEyes, features etc, this is absolutely the place to converse.