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For posting enhancements to medical retina

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Toby has completed mockup modifications for:

  1. Injection management- so that the injection date list can be generated
  2. The patient overview page- this is where you are supposed to land in OE3- I suspect we will see this in 3.1.
    Grateful for comments.

That looks good to me James as an interim solution

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I’m keen to take this forward, with some modifications. Kalyan Guduru is leading our OE medical retina drive now. He’s in the process of joining the forum and he’s coming in Jan. These are his suggestions…

The loading injection date wouldn’t be known at our trust at the time of listing. Ours service is not a one stop shop. So, as is, it wouldn’t work. We would need a choice of:

  • Loading
  • Repeat

No matter the choice of loading or repeat, our clinicians would want the choice of monthly or 2 monthly injections.

They would want to specify the total number of injections required in that loading or repeat course.

The appointment list was absolutely have to display PAS appointments. Ideally it should specify loading or repeat next to the appointment type.

Here is what is currently looks like in IDG:

This is sort of thing we would need:

Of course it should be possible with some thought ok keeping the option to put in the first date, for those trusts who know when the first injection will be.

That would be - Loading as first followed by 4 injections separated by 8 week intervals
Loading followed by 3?

I was thinking it was 4 injections, but clearly needs work, as it’s open to interpretation.

Hi @afsar @kguduru

A new doodle to represent pigment epithelium detachment is in development; please see the macular demo page if you would like to test the doodle:

@morganje3, in particular, please review the report text for Type 3 / PCV. The spec reads " =Type 3 Neovascularisation then text = ‘PED with PCV’ ".
Is this a typo?

Brilliant! That was my interpretation of the literature and requests.
@afsar @gillwatts15 …is this OK?

@dhaider FYI: doodles out in < 1/52!

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A new demo for the Vitelliform Macular lesions doodle is also now live on the medical retina page.


Spot on. @afsar- we are working through your list. Any comments appreciated.

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