Licensing AGPL-plotting functon

Marcus is (kindly) checking out our position wrt AGPL and the use of Highcharts libraries

Excellent. I’m 99.9% certain it is a no go, but @marcusbaw knows a lot more about this type of thing.

I think so: important that we resolve before we get on with the canned report plots.

Just to let everyone know. The library for Highcharts that we have used to develop OE3 is not compatible with the AGPL license that runs through OE. After taking external advice the OEF Trustees have agreed to fund the replacement of the library with Plotly.js which is compatible and provides the required functionality. Highcharts was selected a while back (around 2014) for the NOD audit plots- when the license position was not explicit. The episode summary plots are in Flotchart which, like Highcharts will be removed in OE3.0 (Flotcharts is compatible with AGPL - it doesn’t however have sufficient features). This has pushed back the release of OE3 to the end of October. If there is a silver lining it is that this license issue has been spotted by us and acted upon promptly.