Introduce yourself to the OpenEyes design community

HI, I’m Marcus Baw, a GP and clinical informatician.

I have a range of roles across the NHS but I specialise in creating online discussion communities for health technology groups, to enable collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and to enable development of open source, open standards, and open governance. I’m very pro-open source, and speak a lot about the interface between medicine and open source - while my viewpoint is definitely not shared by all, some might find areas they can agree with. Here’s a blog you could read about it.

I run this forum on the technical side, but as it grows we will need the help of all of you in the community to foster best practice, enable robust yet always collegial debate, and bring out the best in our community.



I’m David Haider, ophthalmologist and CCIO at Bolton. I’m also a Trustee at the OpenEyes Foundation.
My subspecialty interest is glaucoma, but informatics stuff takes up much time these days.

At Bolton we deployed OpenEyes in early 2017. I manage the deployment there.
At present (July 2018) I’m in the midst of a post-grad diploma in Digital Health Leadership and trying to advance the OpenEyes platform for Bolton and the community as a whole.

Four kids doesn’t leave me much time for anything else, but I do like sci-fi. Seveneves by Neal Stephenson is a particular favourite.

I’m particularly proud of my OpenEyes video from the summer of 2017, that supported Bolton’s participation in the CCIO/CIO Summer School. The three kids are mine, and the narrator is my wife. Our 4th child was only 2 months old at the time, so she’s not in it:

OpenEyes Video (Bolton)


I am James Morgan, Professor of Ophthalmology at Cardiff University, Neuroscientist and tech enthusiast. I wrote my first programs on a PDP11/34 (this is pure nostalgia) in 1982 and got hooked. I no longer write code since this is too addictive and have replaced this with a continuing search for the perfect cup of coffee.

I installed OE in Cardiff in 2011 and have used it to run my glaucoma clinic since. In 2014 I worked on secondment from Cardiff University as CCIO at MEH until 2016- when OE became independent of MEH. I was clinical lead on the bid for OE to be used as the EMR at MEH in 2016 and have been Chair of the OE Foundation since 2015.

Working with the OE team- at the Foundation and with AB and the developers has been a hugely enjoyable roller coaster. Seeing OE3 take shape has been exciting- it is great to see the stuff that we discuss take shape and get to work in the clinics.

I think David is going to have to make another (OE3) video.