History menu drop downs

We were hoping to be able to add some more dropdowns to the history section as there was some other data we wanted to capture there that we currently capture in our cataract pathway. When you add more it piuts the first 1 or 2 off the side of the screen rendering them unuseable. the option to scroll or to use more of the screen for dropdowns might be useful?
For the moment we have had to resort to totally reconfiguring the dropdowns and editing their content.

I assume you are doing this in V3- UAT?
We could fit in one more but after that things get interesting. We could allow multiple selectable headers for the popups as well- but we should test this option on IDG first to see if it works.

Yes we are doing this in V3- UAT, our catarct pathway has several checklists which have come about for various reasons, potentail never events etc so we can’t just drop them