Cannot build openep due to missing modules

Hi, I am trying to build OpenEP from the sourcecode on github, but it fails due to missing modules listed in the POM. Is the sourcecode on github complete? I have raised this as a github issue also:

Also, what is the process for deploying OpenEP once built?

Hi Steve, thanks for taking the time and contributing to the Apperta Forums and thank you also for your query. I have asked the team to get the technical custodian to review the code and hopefully they will get back to you quickly with an answer! Do you have a particular goal in mind for deploying OPENeP?

Hi David, thanks for that.
I am doing an assessment of e-prescribing solutions so am keen to get OPENeP up and running so I can take a look at it.
Instructions on post build steps would be great as once the maven build is sorted, I don’t know what to do next!


Just an update here. I still haven’t received any response on the GitHub issue so still cannot build the project. What is the standard way for people to actually deploy this product? The source code is incomplete so I don’t imagine anyone else has had any success this way either.

@david-jobling still nothing I’m afraid. I presume the GitHub repo is just a dump and run?

Hi Steve, sorry you have not yet had a response. I have contacted the Tech Custodians again, I will press for a response from them for you.

Hi David,

Please can you provide an update on the missing modules? The solution is impossible to build due to the missing dependencies?