The Open e-Obs project is an open source electronic system for managing patient clinical observations such as temperature, pulse and heart rate.


openOutcomes is a BETA open source platform for recording and analysing Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) following an surgery.

Apperta General Forum

This category is for general discussion about Apperta Foundation and its work

Open Platforms

In October 2017, we published “Defining an Open Platform” to make the case for open platforms and lay out a blueprint for an open platform architecture at a level of detail that would allow any willing party to build a first generation implementation of an open platform that would be interoperable with any other.


This category is for you to provide feedback on the Apperta websites, such as and

Code4Health Platform

This category is for discussion about the Code4Health™ Platform, it’s current capability, feedback on it’s usability and how you are using it, features you think should be included in the road map and your views on what areas should be prioritised.

Co-Produced Personal Health Record

We are publishing “A Blueprint for a Co-Produced Personal Health Record (CoPHR)” as a Request for Comment to make the case for a co-produced Personal Health Record.